The first meeting of the LIA will take place from Monday 3 to Thursday 6 June 2018 at the Maison Universitaire Franco-Mexicaine in Toulouse (IRAP is the kind organizer of this meeting).

Anyone wishing to attend this first meeting must register on this website  before April 18, 2019.

No registration fee is charged to the participants.

The LIA ERIDANUS is the result of an international agreement between Mexican and French institutes. Its motivation is to:

  • support and further develop existing collaborations in astronomy;
  • train new students in astronomy;
  • support instrumental R&D including by preparing the emergence of new common projects in instrumentation.

The agreement has been signed in May 2018 in Mexico. It may support exchanges of researchers (short and mid-term visits),  Mexican-French meetings & workshops, and all collaborative activities between researchers. Mutual long visits and co-PhD grants will be highly welcomed and promoted.